Employee Benefits/Hymans Robertson Pensions Research 2009


Pensions research: about the respondents; key findings

Pensions research: Attitudes to pensions

Pensions research: Types of pension scheme offered

Pensions research: Pensions legislation

Pensions research: Investment strategies

Sponsor’s comment: Pensions become a priority




Editor’s Comment

Operating a pension plan can be like gardening. Schemes and plants both require a lot of nurturing to flourish. And, in some cases, both may fail to grow, if the wrong type of care and attention is lavished on them. But employers can take steps to help staff boost their retirement savings. This is likely to become increasingly important in the run-up to the introduction of pension reforms in 2012. But some employers do not believe the measures set out in the legislation (particularly compulsory minimum contributions) are their responsibility. With just three years to go, this is a worrying statistic, and at odds with the 74% who feel responsible for their employees’ long-term financial wellbeing.†
As always, we have carried out a prize draw among our respondents. Stephen Crosbie, head of UK pensions at Syngenta, has won £100 worth of love2shop vouchers – the high-street gift voucher from love2reward.

Debbie Lovewell, Deputy Editor