Aon Consulting research: Pay rise preferred to perks

Nearly half of UK workers (47%) would welcome the chance to trade down their benefits in order to increase their pay.

According to the Benefits Omnibus survey by Aon Consulting, which canvassed 1,300 working adults, 47% were more concerned about the immediate future and ensuring they had as much take-home pay as possible.

However, more than one-third (37%) said they would be happy to sacrifice some of their salary in order to have a greater choice of benefits.

Younger workers (aged under 35), in particular, were less concerned about having a greater choice of benefits, with more than half (54%) preferring to boost their pay packet.

Conversely, among older workers (aged over 45), there was more understanding of the value of having a greater choice of employer-sponsored benefits, with 44% willing to trade off salary for a wider choice of perks.

Gareth Ashley-Jones, head of flexible benefits at Aon Consulting, said: “Given the current economic climate, it is perhaps not surprising that the majority of workers are keen to increase their take-home pay.

“However, employees need to make sure they fully understand the value of having a greater choice of benefits that, in the long term, will perhaps provide greater security.”

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