Molson Coors Brewing Company aims to increase driver safety

Molson Coors Brewing Company is issuing Permits to Drive to more than 1,000 drivers across the company to ensure maximum occupational road risk management compliance.

The UK’s second largest brewer has teamed up with Fleet Supports Group and will use the latter’s web-enabled RiskMaster programme to issue to permits.

The company’s 900 company car and cash allowance drivers are signing up to the initiative this month alongside 200 other employees who claim business mileage reimbursement on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the brewer’s remaining 1,300 employees are being surveyed to determine whether they drive on business and, if so, whether they typically take to the wheel of their own car, a company vehicle or a hire vehicle.

Molson Coors’ drivers are granted a Permit to Drive following a DVLA licence check. An online driving ‘test’ is then used to profile drivers as ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’ risk with the assessment used as the basis for future on-the-road driver training.†

Vehicle maintenance records, insurance details, MoT and VED records, and any data on crashes and motoring offences are also fed into the system.

The system creates an individual and comprehensive Driver Operating Life Report from which data is used to continually assess individual drivers in their driving-at-work activity.

Keith Abell, contracts manager at Molson Coors, said: “Occupational road risk management has been high on our agenda for many years. We have turned to RiskMaster to make our existing processes even more rigorous. We want to ensure that our duty of care towards our at-work drivers is covered across all eventualities.”

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