Michael C. Fina launches new instant rewards offering

Michael C. Fina has launched a new employee rewards package that can be used to instantly recognise staffs’ achievements in the workplace.

Available as either a gift card or as voucher cheques, Spark rewards have been designed to provide organisations with a simple and effective means of offering their staff instant and personalised rewards that require minimum administration for the employer.

Spark rewards can be themed around a number of different occasions, including birthdays, long service, anniversaries, the birth of a child and are used to acknowledge achievements, good practice and examples of employees going beyond the call of duty in the workplace.

Sheila Sheldon, director of European operations at Michael C. Fina, said: “The idea was to introduce a simple method for employers to acknowledge staff achievements and anniversaries with on-the-spot rewards that could be easily administered and redeemed. The Spark range does just this, offering a convenient rewards solution that should encourage more workplace recognition.”

Employees presented with Spark rewards receive a card with a personalised message. They can then use the log-in details printed on the back of the card or cheque to access a dedicated rewards portal online. Here they will be able to select their reward from an assortment of different products and gifts.

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