Lorica Consulting launches Lorica Online and new benefits portal

Employee benefits consultancy Lorica Consulting has announced the launch of a new subsidiary business, Lorica Online, along with a new and dynamic online flexible benefits portal.

Lorica Online launches as a business that will specialise in building, running and delivering software solutions into the employee benefits market beginning with Cube, and then introducing other portals broadening Lorica’s capabilities and ability to interact with both clients and employees.

The new Cube portal will enable employees of both SMEs and large corporate firms to take advantage of innovations in flexible benefits including access to new benefits. It gives employees a comprehensive interactive overview of all their benefits and value via its reward module, it also allows them to ‘trade’ benefits and model outcomes in real-time.

Tobin Coles, director of flexible benefits and marketing, said: “Cube takes the concept of flexible benefits and pushes its development on by allowing employees to really get under the skin of their benefits package. This ensures highly objective decisions are made when trading benefits during open enrolment; it also motivates employees to log back into the system regularly to take advantage of the other products and services that sit within it.”

Cube partners already include such blue chip companies as Sodexho and Cycle Solutions.

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