Best Doctors enters flexible benefits market

Employers can now offer a medical information and second opinion service provided by Best Doctors as part of their flexible benefits package.

Employees with access to this benefit are given specialist medical advice from top consultants, who can provide them with a definitive second opinion based on the most up-to-date medical knowledge available.

Encompassing more than 400 medical specialties from chronic back pain to severe migraines, from diabetes to cancer, Best Doctors enables people to have their medical case assessed by a world-class specialist.

After calling the Best Doctors Member Care Centre, which is available 24/7, an appropriate consultant is selected to deal with the individual’s case. A case manager then arranges for all relevant medical documentation to be collected, such as the original imaging studies, biopsies, blood tests and case notes.

The consultant then reviews the member’s case and prepares a detailed report answering all their questions. The case manager sends the report to the member and discusses the content in detail.

As an employer currently offering Best Doctors to staff through a flex programme, Graham Clark, head of compensation and benefits at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking (UK), said: “Our employees value the ability to have their case reviewed by world-leading experts.”