Pension not vital to potential recruits

Less than a quarter of people of working age think a pension scheme is an important factor when looking for a new job. Of the 749 people who took part in a survey by B&CE Benefit Schemes, 24 percent think pensions are a significant factor when seeking a new job and 22 percent would not take a job without an employer-provided pension.

The survey shows women place more importance on an employer-provided pension than men do. A quarter of women say they would not take a job without a pension scheme, compared with 20 percent of men. Those in the 45-54 years age group place the highest importance on an employer providing a pension scheme, while young people aged 16-24 years are the least likely to consider a pension.

There are also regional differences in attitudes to pensions. For 28 percent of people living in the East Midlands a pension is a priority, while 36 percent of those in the North West do not think it is important. Only 17 percent of Londoners would not take a job without a pension and 39 percent of those in Scotland would only accept a very good job without a pension.