What is RSS?

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and by signing up for a RSS Feed you can keep up to date with the newest information published on a website, without having to visit the website that hosts the information.

So if you are interested in Employee Benefits News & Analysis, Employee Benefits Events or responses to a particular Employee Benefits Forum Discussion, we can send you the latest information as it is posted, without you visiting the Employee Benefits site directly.

How do I get started with RSS?
In order to subscribe to a RSS news feed, you will need to use an ‘RSS News Reader’ that will†enable you to†receive and display RSS feeds.

  • Download a news readers (see list of news readers below)
  • Copy and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader
  • Install the feed reader on the computer
  • Insert the URL of the news feed (there is usually an “add feed” button)
  • The information in the feed will be updated when the feed contains new content

Here are a selection of News Readers:


Mac OS X