Dragon’s Den entrepreneur offers staff workplace giving option

Dragon’s Den entrepreneur, Duncan Bannatyne has introduced workplace giving across his businesses.

More than 3,000 of his employees will have the chance to make donations direct from their pay to a charity of their choice in a tax-efficient manner. For example, a £6 donation will translate into £10 for higher-rate tax payers, who pass on 40% extra for their chosen cause.

Bannatyne said: “The question you should be asking is not, why would you do this, it’s why you wouldn’t.”

The Scottish multi-millionaire, who has built up a chain of health clubs called Bannatyne’s and also owns Bannatyne’s Casino, Bar and Hotels, is one of a number of celebrities who have joined a campaign calling on business leaders to introduce, promote or relaunch workplace giving schemes with the aim of extending access to an extra one million employees.