Case Study: Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services is well equipped to motivate staff during the credit crunch, having introduced a new reward and recognition programme almost two years ago.

The programme, which was introduced a few months after it was first piloted in 2006, aims to increase employees’ understanding of the company’s values. As it can be adapted to meet shifting goals, it is highly suitable to motivate employees during an economic downturn.

Through the scheme, which was implemented by Maritz, employees can nominate each other for either achieving a good outcome or working in a way that exemplifies the information technology company’s values.

Selected employees are presented with rewards, ranging from rally driving, spa days or weekend breaks to DVDs and plasma TVs. There is also a wide range of retail vouchers to cater for different tastes and employees can choose from prizes featured in an online catalogue.

The new scheme was based on an existing all-employee recognition programme called Value in People, which was introduced in 2004 to ICL (which later became Fujitsu Services) to help the company stay ahead of the competition by retaining its most talented employees.

Kirpal Haylat, a former reward consultant at Fujitsu Services, says: “The programme has helped everyone in the company to better understand and embed our values through their behaviour at work.”