T-Mobile plans to swap benefit deals with other employers

T-Mobile plans to team up with other employers to swap its employee deals on mobile phones for equivalent staff discounts offered on these firms’ own services or products.

The mobile phone company is hoping to strike a deal with other companies within six-to-nine months, and claims to be the first organisation to look at this type of arrangement.

Ian Pitcher, head of reward and employee relations at T-Mobile, said: “We are looking for a limited number of potential partner companies to provide us with products or services at a heavily-discounted price, in return for comparable deals for their employees based on the preferential [mobile phone] deals we offer our employees.”

Employees at T-Mobile currently receive a monthly allowance for calls and texts, along with half-price line rental for friends and family.

Pitcher hopes this new initiative will deliver perks that help to reduce labour turnover in its retail chain and call centres.”[Staff turnover] is a particular concern in this industry. Our employee turnover is far too high both in customer and employee areas, so if we can spend our money more wisely everyone will be happy,” he said.