Rok to build flexible benefits scheme for staff

Rok is planning to launch a flexible benefits scheme early next year once it has gained board approval.

The construction company, which has approximately 2,700 employees across the UK, has already taken steps to gauge employee opinion by running focus groups and surveys, both online and in a paper format.

Richard Sadler, reward leader, said: “We are committed to a move towards flexible benefits and have put together a strong business case for flex.”

Part of that business case has been formulated using the results of the staff consultation.

Sadler explained that employees felt the company already had a strong benefits offering but that flexible benefits would offer more choice and accommodate the needs of a diverse workforce of both “blue and white collar workers”.

He added: “We had this aspiration [of] doing flex but no real data on whether it was truly appropriate for us and worth the investment to do it.”

Almost half of employees responded to the survey, which asked them to rate what they thought of their existing package and to identify other benefits they would value. Healthcare benefits and travel insurance scored particularly highly.

Rok’s existing package includes private medical insurance, a defined contribution pension plan and a sharesave scheme.