MTV moves from traditional reward to flexible benefits

MTV introduced its flexible benefits scheme in 2005 in order to replace its previous more traditional style of reward structure.

As an innovative and exciting global brand, it felt that its previous reward package was in stark contrast to the image that the company wanted to promote to both current and potential employees.

Its flexible benefits scheme, which was intended to improve the engagement levels of its diverse workforce of around 900 employees, was based around a food theme that aimed to transform employee thinking from ‘What do I get?’ to ‘What do I need?’ Food was perceived to represent a universal language that individuals can relate to.

Working with Thomsons Online benefits, the flex scheme was branded the “MTV Benefit Store”, and the website was designed to imitate a shop including using the same fonts as on a till receipt.

The scheme was communicated in a creative way. On the day of the launch, all employees received the MTV Benefit Store brochure placed inside a mini MTV Benefit Store shopping trolley.

Employees can travel along the virtual aisles and select the benefits or ingredients they need. They receive a paper statement confirming their choices, designed to replicate a credit card statement Tarun Patel, head of compensation and benefits, says: “Our employees were involved in all aspects of design and development of the package to maximise the success of the launch. Since then, feedback has been excellent, and take up of the scheme in 2006 and 2007 has exceeded that of the launch year.”