JM Computing healthcare cash plan

JM Computing has launched a cash plan for all 100 employees in order to provide them with an affordable means of healthcare.

The company has financed a minimum level of cover for all employees under the cash plan towards treatments such as dental work, eye care and acupuncture. Staff can then opt to boost the level of cover by paying extra. The cash plan, which is being provided by HealthSure, was implemented last month.

David Gill, finance director at JM Computing, said: “I think people are very impressed with it.” He added that at least 30 employees had already topped up their level of cover.

Gill explained that it would too expensive for the business to fund private health insurance for all staff.

JM Computing offers private health insurance to some staff through its flexible benefits scheme, but not all of them chose to take up the benefit.

On the healthcare side, the company also provides an on-site gym and two mountain bikes for employee use.