First Direct launches recognition scheme

First Direct is to launch a recognition scheme with gift vouchers and thank-you cards in a bid to boost staff motivation.

Line managers at the bank will receive training on how to recognise employees who have performed well in the workplace.

They will be able to hand out thank-you cards and to award vouchers to staff to spend on products and services that are sold in the workplace, such as flowers supplied by a visiting florist, massages from an on-site therapist and coffees from the staff canteen.

Alex Lindley, reward and recognition manager, said: “We want to start investing in recognition schemes and make it part of our company culture.”

The new scheme applies to all 3,500 employees and is being introduced in response to feedback from employee surveys and focus groups which ran in November last year.

“We know recognition actually engages people, and they really remember the last time they were thanked at work,” added Lindley.