Centrica introduces online self-management system

Centrica is introducing an online self-management system for line managers to notify HR of payroll changes.

It is hoped that the system, which will be implemented by April next year, will reduce the level of administration HR has to undertake.

The current system involves HR emailing a spreadsheet to line managers to fill out manually and, when this has been amended, inputting the new data into payroll.

The online system means that managers will be able to independently log on to a website to change pay figures for their staff. They will also be able to use the website to pull off details of employees’ pay instead of requesting information from HR and waiting for it to be emailed across.

Liz Dixon, reward programme manager at Centrica, said: “If managers can make staff [pay] changes online, it will make the whole process far slicker.”

Once in the system, the new salary figures will be automatically updated in payroll for each employee. “The idea is that this can free up more time for HR,” Dixon added.