Annual pension fund directory publshed

International Pension Funds and their Advisers 2007/08 directory for the global pensions industry has been published.

The annual directory, from AP Information Services in conjunction with IPE International Publishers, contains detailed listings of 3,400 pension funds from over 50 separate countries including Europe, North America, Latin America and Australasia. It provides company details, contact information of pension and investment managers and also asset allocation for many pension funds.

It also lists over 3,000 adviser companies, including pension fund consultants; investment managers; global custodians; life assurance companies; accountants and auditors; legal advisers and investment bankers.

Steven Hinds, editor for International Pension Funds and their Advisers 2007/08 at AP Information Services, said: “This year’s coverage has broadened in scope; one example being the advent of a section covering China, the stirring Goliath, which promises to be such an important arena for global and local market players alike in the years to come.”

AP Information Services has also launched a user friendly version of Pension Funds Online, an online source of pension fund information..