Kerry Foods implements new employee time and attendance system

Kerry Foods is implementing a time and attendance model for the group as part of the integration of its HR and payroll system.

The food processing manufacturer is outsourcing the time and attendance management of 3,000 employees at 15 UK-based manufacturing plants using a new system provided by Kronos.

This will replace a number of disparate time and attendance systems that are currently used across the division, from in-house developed systems to third-party solutions. The implementation will provide a single time and attendance solution for all 15 manufacturing sites, standardising time-keeping processes across the group and enabling the organisation to develop an integrated system for HR, payroll and time and attendance.

Sue Camm, HR controller at Kerry Foods, said: “We anticipate an improved understanding of time and attendance fields that are critical for payroll and elimination of data input errors from manual processing, along with improved consistency of data entry, and reporting. Company wide, Kerry Foods will have greater visibility to absence levels for benchmarking exercises.”