Employers still need to push environmental agenda

Employers are still failing to adopt a green approach to transport, despite encouraging recycling and energy reduction in their organisation.

While 91% of employers questioned for the latest quarterly CIPD/KPMG Labour Market Outlook survey are encouraging recycling and 83% encourage reduction in energy consumption, only 45% encourage car-sharing and 30% consider more imaginative ways of reducing the need to travel via means such as working from home. A further 70% said that their organisation could do more to encourage employees to reduce the environmental impact of their travel arrangements.

Some employers (8%), however, reward staff for green behaviour with financial incentives or awards.

The report also showed that being environmentally aware can aid recruitment, with 46% of employers stating that potential new recruits would prefer to join an organisation with a strong environmental policy, while 39% of employers claimed that an environmental policy is more important to younger workers.

Gerwyn Davies, co-author of the report, said: “Reputation and employer brand have risen to the forefront of the HR agenda. Employers recognise that to be attractive in the talent market place, they need to consider how potential employees will view their environmental and ethical record.”