Emergency Childcare unveils school holiday club service

Emergency Childcare is to launch a web-based service that gives employees last-minute access to over 200 holiday clubs.

The provider claims the service, which is called Out of School Care and lists holiday clubs suitable for children aged between six and 16 years, is unique.

When the service launches in November, staff will be able to go online to book activities for their children to attend during the school holidays. Ben Black, managing director of Emergency Childcare, said: “The most stressful time for an employee is when they are in work and have care commitments. No-one has looked after school child commitments properly before.”

The cost to employers of offering access to the out of school service will depend on the number of employees, but large organisations can expect to pay around £500 per month for all staff.

Employers that want to enhance the benefit can make financial contributions towards the cost of the holiday clubs that employees choose.

Other services offered by the provider include Emergency Childcare and Eldercare.