Toshiba warms up to cut stress

Toshiba Information Systems has introduced a series of health and wellbeing initiatives to reduce stress among its 650 employees. In June, all staff were issued with discounted gym membership at a number of health clubs, with savings ranging from £145 to £220. A health week to educate staff about the benefits of healthy living was also held. Susan Stevens, Toshiba Information System’s head of HR, said: "Our focus is to try and improve employee wellbeing and reduce pressure throughout the organisation. [We wanted to] show some commitment towards that goal."

During the health week, the company provided employees with dietary advice, held fitness and stress reduction workshops and gave out pedometers. Staff also received a free 15-minute massage. "Once the first person went in and said how great it was, they were all queuing up," Stevens added. Toshiba is now considering providing assistance to encourage employees to quit smoking and introducing treatments such as aromatherapy and homeopathy.