Vodafone New Zealand introduces family violence leave

Telecommunications organisation Vodafone New Zealand has introduced family violence leave as part of a new family violence policy to support its 3,000 employees.

The policy will enable employees who have been directly affected by family violence or those who are supporting victims of family violence to take up to 10 additional days of paid leave a year.

This is designed to allow impacted staff the time away from work to get help and support without worrying about the financial consequences of taking time off.

The family violence policy will also offer practical support for affected employees, including the ability to change working patterns, for example, working hours, location or duties, as well as offering flexible-working arrangements. The organisation will also help affected staff to change phone numbers and email addresses if required.

Vodafone New Zealand has spent the past year working with organisations and charities such as the Human Rights Commission, Women’s Refuge, The Warehouse Group, and ANZ, as well as other businesses, to better understand the wider impact of family violence.

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Russell Stanners, chief executive officer at Vodafone New Zealand, said: “We know that the impact of family violence is not isolated to the home, nor does it discriminate based on gender, age, education, or social status. Family violence affects us all, and workplaces have a huge role to play in addressing this issue.

“These measures may help save lives. It will make it easier for people to leave violent relationships, and stay in employment. It will also keep victims safe at work from their abusers.”