Travis Perkins launches car salary sacrifice scheme

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins has introduced a car salary sacrifice scheme in order to enhance its employee benefits package.

Since the scheme’s launch in March 2016, over 180 orders have been received.

The scheme, provided by Car Salary Exchange, gives employees access to a choice of 4,000 new cars. The cars ordered thus far have average carbon emissions of 102g/km.

Travis Perkins’ employees can generate quotes via desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices through an online platform accessed through its flexible benefits portal.

The platform also enables staff to check their salary, benefits and hours to ensure participation in the car salary sacrifice arrangement does not bring pay below statutory wage levels.

The organisation ran a pre-launch communications campaign and provider Car Salary Exchange will hold roadshows, presentations and drop-in sessions across Travis Perkins’ UK sites to further promote the scheme to staff.

Paul Nelson, group head of reward at Travis Perkins, said: “We are really pleased with the positive reaction from our employees which, in the first few weeks from launch, has seen around 15% of our eligible employee population register interest in the scheme, along with an initial order take of more than 180 cars across a wide range of manufacturers.


“We view the car benefit as a valuable enhancement to our range of employee benefits and are confident that, from a good start, it will continue to grow in popularity with our colleagues.”