35% of contractor health insurance claims relate to musculoskeletal conditions

Vicki Leslie ECIS

More than a third (35%) of health insurance claims among contractors and tradespeople were related to muscle, bone or joint conditions, according to construction sector employee benefits firm ECIS.

Its claims data for January to September 2015 also found that more than a fifth (23%) of health insurance claims related to cancer.

The research also found:

  • 11% of health insurance claims made to ECIS on behalf of contractors related to heart and circulatory disease.
  • Less than a tenth (7%) of claims related to digestive system diseases.
  • 3% of claims related to urological conditions.

Vicki Leslie (pictured), client relationship manager at ECIS, said: “Given the physical nature of work, muscle, bone or joint injuries and conditions are common in the construction sector but if you can access professional help quickly for diagnosis and treatment, the recovery time and need for surgery can be much reduced, which is good news for employees and employers alike.”