Peel Ports Group to add cars and holiday trading to flex

Peel Ports Group-2014

Peel Ports Group is to introduce a green cars scheme and holiday trading to its flexible benefits scheme to help keep it fresh for employees.

The organisation will allow employees to opt into the new benefits during its enrolment window in May, with the savings made from tax-efficient benefits schemes being used to develop the plan.

The organisation also plans to review its pension scheme following the introduction of the pension reforms, which came in to effect on 6 April, and to support employees with financial education.

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) Reward Conference on 15 April, Howard Sloane, group HR director at Peel Ports Group, said: “We have been through a lot of change as an organisation. We were very much decentralised and an harmonisation programme was required.

“It was a big change for the business but it is now about keeping it fresh with new benefits, offering a best-in-class pension provision and helping employees as much as possible.

“The green car scheme and holiday buy and sell will help with that, and making these and other benefits accessible via apps has contributed to the successful roll out of flex.”

Peel Ports Group introduced its flexible benefits scheme, provided by KMPG in May 2014.

Since its launch, the organisation’s iPad benefit as been one of the most popular, with more than 10% of the workforce purchasing one through its platform.

Other benefits offered via flex include bikes for work, travel insurance, a health cash plan and critical illness cover.

Sloane said: “Flexible benefits was a cultural change for the organisation and it was a huge leap.

“Ipads have been very popular among staff but the salary sacrifice savings have helped to develop the scheme into what it is.

“But for us communications will remain important. We are lucky to have it come from the top right through to the bottom with employee representatives. I cannot stress enough the importance of communication.”