McDonald’s employee spends birthday in style

Something for the weekend…


While many employers have initiatives in place staff to take their birthday off without dipping into their holiday allowance, McDonald’s has helped one employee to celebrate in style in the workplace.

McDonald’s employee Bill Dudley spent his 90th birthday with his co-workers at the Mold restaurant in North Wales where he was gifted with a party and cake.

The World War Two veteran has been working at the organisation for nine years and is clearly still lovin’ it as he does not plan on stopping.

It will be no surprise if Bill, who has already retired once, becomes a long-serving employee and hits his 10-year landmark for McDonald’s.

He said: “I joined McDonald’s nine years ago, having retired from being a taxi driver. I was bored pottering around the house and my wife wouldn’t let me help out with the gardening, so applied for a job at McDonald’s and I haven’t looked back.

“Despite being in employment since the age of 12, I still love coming to work.  The camaraderie is fantastic and I’m really lucky to be surrounded by a great team who are like my family.”

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