French firms ban work emails after 6pm

Something for the weekend…


Most of us will be familiar with the scenario: You’re finally winding down after a busy day at work when your mobile beeps with a new email… and it is from the boss.

First thoughts? You have to reply. With the rise of digital devices, it can seem like there is no such thing as getting away from messages after clocking off from work.

While many have just accepted this as a new way of life, France has decided to act and brought in rules to stop employees’ evenings being interrupted to improve the country’s work-life balance.

The rules, which apply to employees working in the digital and consultancy sectors, mean they will have to switch off work phones and avoid looking at work emails after 6pm through to 9am.

Only in ’exceptional circumstances’ would this be allowed, which may do wonders for staff motivation and productivity by enabling them to have a total break outside of working hours.

Perhaps lessons can be learnt from the French approach to work-life balance, particularly as summer months draw nearer and us Brits look to make the most of our few days of sun.