Barnett Waddingham launches wellbeing modelling tool

Barnett Waddingham has launched a wellbeing data analysis modelling tool to help organisations identify specific health risks among their workforce.


The employee benefits and pensions consultancy’s tool, BWell, is aimed at recommending appropriate strategies to develop a wellbeing programme for an employer that is tailored to its workforce’s specific health risks.  

It can also be used to project future insurance premiums.

BWell is intended to bring improved results for an organisation in four areas:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Decreased absence.
  • Stabilising of insurance premium costs.
  • To help attract and retain staff.

Initial BWell analysis will be offered for free to all of Barnett Waddingham’s current and prospective employer clients.

Carl Chapman (pictured), head of wellbeing at Barnett Waddingham, said: “More and more firms are beginning to understand that employee wellbeing can directly impact on their profits and overall success.

“As a result, increasingly, employee wellbeing is finding itself climbing the ladder of importance on many HR professionals’ agendas, particularly now that auto-enrolment has passed for many larger organisations.

“The difficulty for many employers lies in knowing where to start with a wellbeing strategy. We have developed BWell to help our [employer] clients through the uncertainty.

“The benefit structure that employers have in place should be beneficial to the employee but also be structured in such a way that the specific health risks of the employer are targeted.

“Using data analysis, we can provide expert guidance on where solutions should be targeted, helping to build an effective wellbeing plan.”