Vauxhall awards pay deal to 1,400 Luton-based employees


Car manufacturing organisation Vauxhall has awarded a 1.5% pay increase to 1,400 employees based at its van plant in Luton.

Vauxhall van employees, who are based at Luton and are members of the trade union Unite, voted 68% in favour to accept the new pay deal. This includes a 1.5% pay rise effective from January 2019. The deal will also see employees receive a £750 lump sum.

The pay deal also includes a 30% reduction in banked hours. This means that it will take employees less time to pay back hours banked during plant shutdowns.

Len McCluskey, general secretary at Unite, said: “Our Vauxhall members have voted in considerable numbers to accept the pay deal, which is great news.”

Vauxhall was unavailable for comment at time of publication.