Personal assistant to be paid £75,000 for driving supercars

Lamborghini, supercar

Something for the weekend: Individuals looking for luxurious employee benefits may be compelled to apply for an advertised personal assistant (PA) position where the available perks include driving supercars and travelling to the Caribbean.

The personal assistant role, advertised on temporary recruitment site Staff Heroes for a London-based businessman, requires the successful candidate to be comfortable with flying in order to accompany the employer to destinations such as the Caribbean and New York. Applicants will also need to have a full UK driving license because driving supercars such as a Lamborghini, Bugatti and Rolls Royce is essential when performing daily errands.

The role also attracts a high salary, with the appointed PA able to earn £28.80 an hour, working six days a week for approximately 50 hours. This equates to an annual salary of £75,000 a year, although there are also opportunities for the candidate to pick up Christmas and performance-related bonuses. In addition, all expenses concerned with the role are employer-paid, including travel, food and accommodation costs.

Applicants are required to be trained in self-defence or martial arts, although the employer will cover the cost of classes for the right candidate, be available 24/7 and undergo a medical screening to check physical and mental health before starting in the role.

Described as “demanding”, day-to-day tasks for the successful PA will include organising the employer’s diary, sorting washing and dry cleaning, ordering the employer’s weekly food shop and cutting up lunch and dinner portions before serving them, excepting if the employer is eating out. With this in mind, the advert specifies that 10 years of PA experience is required in order to take on the role.

The advert reads: “The client travels a lot and the successful candidate will be required to accompany him on every trip. As an example of his schedule, you may be in the Caribbean at the beginning of the week, London for a few days and New York the following week, so being comfortable with flying is a must.

“A full and clean UK driving license is a hard requirement. The client has multiple luxury cars including a Lamborghini, Bugatti and a Rolls Royce which are available for the candidate to use [while] running his daily errands. Experience of driving supercars or luxury vehicles is preferential, but not essential.

“The client is a very successful businessman. He is demanding but also very generous; this is a great opportunity for an experienced PA to further their career and enjoy the finer things in life as well.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we love the sound of this exclusive list of benefits for the successful candidate. We would definitely book up a few karate classes in order to jet off to the Caribbean…