Chicago restaurant employees earn $2,000 tip

Something for the weekend: A customer dining at a restaurant in Chicago generously gave employees a total of $2,000 in tips.

The diner, Mike, who was visiting from Seattle, was so impressed by his dining experience at Boka, Chicago, he claimed it was the “absolute best service and food I have ever had”.

Not only did the customer leave a $300 tip for his $769 meal, he also personally went into the kitchen and gave each of Boka’s 17 kitchen staff a $100 bill, congratulating them on the quality and taste of the food.

The diner delighted kitchen staff so much, they took to Instagram to post a picture of the happy occasion. Boka employees are more used to the traditional 20% tip and customers buying a round of beers or shots for the kitchen staff, but $2,000 is the biggest tip staff have seen, said Lee Wolen, executive chef at the restaurant.

Here at Employee Benefits, we like the idea of someone appreciating everyone in the organisation’s part in the business, no matter how small. If anyone would like to buy us all a selection of cupcakes, we wouldn’t say no…