Blue Apple improves employees’ sleep quality by 26%

Blue Apple case study

Catering firm Blue Apple achieved a 26% improvement in its employees’ quality of sleep between September and December 2015, throughout which it ran a wellness programme provided by Super Wellness.

The organisation also tracked stress resilience, which improved by 10% over the period, as well as food cravings, which reduced by 16%.

Additionally, Blue Apple kept track of its 330 employees’ concentration levels, which increased by 19%, while overall mood improved by 16%.

The programme focused on healthy eating, and included presentations on digestive health. Employees who took part were given monthly confidential body composition checks, as well as group coaching sessions.

Sarah Prentice, business development manager at Blue Apple, says: “In today’s world, everyone has so much to do and is constantly busy using technology. So sleep is more important than ever, especially considering that it improves productivity and concentration, and decreases stress.

“We wanted to emphasise the importance of a good diet; our head office used to be full of sweets and cakes, but now there are avocados and nuts everywhere. It’s been such a good change.”

Blue Apple’s leadership team also took part in the scheme, which Prentice felt was a key factor in its success.

She says: “We want employees to feel better and live longer, and their welfare is so important to being a successful organisation. If employees can sleep more and get more done, it can only be a good thing for the organisation.”