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In her weekly blog on 7 March, Debi O’Donovan (pictured), editor of Employee Benefits, asked why the benefits industry is getting back to basics.

Debi O'Donovan 2014

She wrote: “…although the new world order is different, with new technologies available, new benefits emerging and new communication media on offer, it is important to remember that, before trying to find out what everyone else is doing, employers should first work out what they need for their organisations.”

Sharon Tebb, compensation and benefits manager at Withers, responded: “100% agree. As I said to Clare [Bettelley, associate editor of Employee Benefits] recently, we always talk to our employees, and gather their thoughts and ideas before implementing any new benefits or making enhancements to their existing benefits. 

“We never assume for one minute that because we think it is a great benefit, so will they.”