Deloitte supports employee health with multi-pronged approach

Professional services organisation Deloitte uses a multi-pronged approach to ensure staff receive appropriate healthcare support.


Its health and wellbeing strategy is divided into three areas to help tackle sickness absence: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and the working environment.

Stevan Rolls, head of HR at Deloitte, says: “Undoubtedly, the range of benefits we offer will have an impact on absence. We want our employees to remain healthy in the workplace, physically and mentally.

“Our approach is divided into three, which is what we have built around. It’s not all about provision, it’s also about providing high-quality offices, assessments and having flexible-working policies in place.”

As well as offering a range of healthcare benefits, including group income protection, private medical insurance and assessments, Deloitte aims to offer employees support tailored to their needs.

“It’s very dependent on an individual’s circumstances; it’s an almost tailored provision,” says Rolls. “We have health champions that are available for staff to talk to and who mentor employees because of their experience. It might not lead to treatment, but it helps to talk to someone confidentially.”

Rolls believes the HWS will support Deloitte in helping employees get back to work. “Like any employer, our intention is to try to get staff back to work as quickly and as successfully as possible,” he says.

“If the government is able to provide assistance and put a framework around that, it can only be helpful.”

Deloitte also runs a ’black dog’ campaign in partnership with the charity Sane, which helps raise awareness of mental health, and Rolls plans to continue growing the employer’s health and wellbeing strategy in the coming months.

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“Over the last three to four months, we have tried to raise awareness about mental health and tackle absence,” he says.

“We will continue to look at wellbeing and make sure employees are aware of what is available. This is a regular item on our agenda.”