Staff transfers ease auto-enrolment burden for Incisive Media

With an auto-enrolment staging date of November 2013, Incisive Media is still some way from finalising its preparations and communications.

But with about 10 staff in each of its US and Hong Kong offices, the media company is aware of its obligations as an employer for its international staff.

Emma Cutbill, benefis manager at Incisive Media, says: “Some of our UK employees have transferred over to those offices. Because they are transfers, not secondees, it means they are on an employment contract with that country. So the US ones are on a US employment contract.”

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Although they work for the same organisation, the overseas staff are now employed by the US company, not the UK one, so Incisive Media is not under any obligation to enrol them into a UK pension scheme under the auto-enrolment regulations.