Stansted Airport staff given new pensions

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has launched two new pension schemes for the 1,200 London Stansted airport employees who became part of the organisation following an acquisition in February 2013.

The arrangements, a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme and a trust-based defined contribution (DC) pension plan, have been designed to replicate the pensions offering previously received by London Stansted employees.

MAG’s pensions team, along with Shilling Communication, produced full joiners’ packs for the airport’s employees, while implementing the new MAG reward brand, My MAG rewards.

The focus of the communications exercise was to ensure employees were provided with detailed pension scheme information.

Mark Cliff, head of pensions at MAG (pictured), said: “Shilling’s proactive, supportive and flexible approach enabled us to produce well-planned communications to a very high standard over short period.”

Josephine Smith, consulting manager at Shilling Communications, added: “Throughout the process, we were keen to ease the burden of communication at a time when the MAG pensions team was setting up the schemes and had huge demands on its time.

“Our team effectively managed the production of the joiners’ packs, ensuring that materials were available on time at each stage of the project, from internal and legal reviews, to their final release following the acquisition.”