Salary and benefits top wish list for new graduates

Salary and benefits are at the top of the wish list for graduates looking for their first employer, according to research by Ernst and Young.

The research, which was conducted among 2,205 students, found that 22% of respondents ranked salary and benefits as the most important consideration when choosing a future employer.

The research also found that 22% of respondents picked training and development opportunities as the joint-top consideration.

The other considerations include: work-life balance (18%), business reputation (16%), people and culture (16%), and ethical and environmental repuation (6%).

Liz Bingham, people leader at Ernst and Young, said: “Graduates still recognise the importance of the longer-term benefits that ultimately come from pursuing an employer that offers training and development opportunities.

“But they are now also increasingly looking for jobs that will enable them to clear the burden of debt from their shoulders as quickly as possible.”