Pimlico Plumbers decorates fleet with Thatcher

Something for the weekend…

Cards and flowers are usually used to show affection for a recently deceased loved one, but Pimlico Plumbers’ 200-strong fleet carried an image of Baroness Margaret Thatcher as a mark of respect on the day of the former prime minister’s funeral.

The plumbing organisation was founded by patriotic Charlie Mullins (pictured) in 1979, the same year that Thatcher came to power.

Mullins said: “Mrs Thatcher was a real one-off and undoubtedly an influence on me starting my own business in 1979. I wanted to show how important she was to me and Pimlico Plumbers through a public mark of respect.” 

A lot hs been said about the UK’s first, and only, female prime minister in the past week, but her libertarian ideology could be channeled through her picture to subconsciously encourage employees to work harder.

And, after the government’s new company car taxes for ultra-low emission cars were announced in the Budget 2013, having Maggie’s image on a company car might inspire staff to keep mileage and tax down.