Most employers proactively record staff absence

The majority (82%) of respondents proactively record, monitor and manage employee absence, according to research by industry body Group Risk Development (Grid).

Its Group risk employer research study, which surveyed 500 organisations, found that 27% of respondents already publish their absence statistics in their annual report and accounts, while 48% are prepared to do so.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for Grid (pictured), said: “It’s great that employers are starting to wise up to the importance of recording absence in the workplace and the benefits this brings to their business, particularly at a time when their positive efforts are mirrored by government.

“Even more exciting is that this could mark the start of a more open environment where ensuring the health and wellbeing of the workforce is seen as part and parcel of the employer’s duty of care.

“If a new culture of openness prevails, positive moves to manage absence, such as implementation of a group income protection policy can be communicated to a larger audience, paving the way for more organsiations to make genuinely effective steps to minimise the impact of absence.”