Employees feel demotivated in the workplace

More than half (53%) of UK business leaders are generating demotivating working environments, according to research by Hay Group.

The research, which analysed the consultancy’s own data covering around 14,000 leaders in almost 400 UK organisations, found that this figure has fallen by 12% since similar research was published in 2005.

It also found that 38% of UK leaders have mastered none or only one type of leadership style, compared to 24% who are able to adopt a range of four or more styles, including authoritative, affiliative, democratic, coercive, pacesetting and coaching leadership.

The research also found:

  • 18% of UK leaders are able to create a high-performance environment for their employees.
  • The use of the coercive style is rising among UK leaders, with over a quarter (26%) of leaders adopting this method.
  • Nearly half (48%) are comfortable using four or more leadership styles, compared to just 9% among those who create de-motivating environments.

Melody Moore, consultant at Hay Group, said: “A leader’s behaviour is the single biggest factor influencing the team working environment.

“Good leadership has the power to energise, engage and motivate staff to go the extra mile for their organisation. Poor leadership will have the opposite effect, creating a demotivating environment and leading in time to poor team performance, including high staff turnover and frequent absences.

“With the country facing ongoing economic uncertainty, it is crucial that UK leaders master the full arsenal of styles in order to get the best from their people and drive all important growth.”