Workplace Savings News: The Platforum offers guide to corporate platforms

Corporate platforms offer powerful integrated systems to employers who want to help their employees maximise their savings in the workplace.

If they have only just come onto your radar, you can get up to speed with a free independent report from The Platforum, who are experts in the field.

The report offers a thorough grounding in what a corporate platform is, what it can offer, who provides them, how they can assist financial education for employees and how they fit in with pensions auto-enrolment, which begins in October this year.

Holly Mackay, managing director of The Platforum, said: “As the market develops and integration improves, today’s corporate platforms will expand and could include flexible benefits at one end and investment platforms at the other.
“These three building blocks in aggregate will create the ultimate employee platform.”

Download your copy of The Corporate Platform Guide here

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