Siemens adds electric cars to UK fleet

Siemens has added its first electric cars to its UK fleet, as part of an overall corporate approach to sustainability.

The Nissan Leafs, provided by Lex Autolease, will be used in Lincoln by employees making trips to the engineering and technology firm’s sites and its University of Lincoln Engineering Hub.

Siemens has also installed its own high-power recharging points at its main gas turbine manufacturing facility in Lincoln.

Mark Bonnor-Moris, head of electromobility, UK and Ireland, said: “For Siemens, having a wide range of car types is important.

“We look forward to working with car manufacturers and to increasing the number and range of electric cars in our fleet.

“In Lincoln, we’re moving people between our sites, and using the Nissan Leaf means we can travel through the city with zero emissions. With our position in the renewable energy market, it’s a given that we would be investing in products adopting complementary technology.

“Our advanced designs for electric car charge points mean we can charge these cars on our own premises as an integral part of our overall energy management strategy.”

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