Ink to introduce performance-based incentive scheme for global sales staff

Inflight media firm Ink is to introduce an incentive scheme for its global sales staff that will guarantee commissions based on key performance indicators (KPIs) rather than traditional revenue and sales targets.

The scheme will address the behaviours that lie beneath each sale rather than just rewarding the end result. Employees will be remunerated on the sales they make, but only if they have sold it properly. If staff fulfil the sales process, Ink will guarantee to remunerate them even if those commitments do not lead to business or sales.

Simon Leslie, head of publishing at Ink, said: “This is a complete departure from the industry’s traditional commission-based sales structure and it has the potential to revolutionise the way media sales are managed and rewarded in the future.

“We firmly believe in our culture and supporting our staff to perform to the very best levels they can.”

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