EXCLUSIVE: Overbury launches bikes for work to mitigate challenges of Olympic commute

Overbury has launched a bikes-for-work scheme to mitigate the challenges of commuting during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The office refurbishment firm has 170 staff based near Oxford Street in central London. Annabelle Jane, facilities manager at Overbury, said: “We started thinking about it because of the Olympics. It will be quite difficult for staff to get in.”

The firm has an underground car park, which will be shut to cars during the Olympics and used exclusively for bikes.

The scheme was launched in March, with a second enrolment window opening in June. Jane added: “We are not running it as an ongoing scheme, due to administrative challenges, but we will open it up again in June to give staff the opportunity again before the Olympics.”

Overbury communicated the scheme by sending out emails to all staff, putting up posters around the office and hosting a roadshow with provider Cycle Solutions. These communications methods will be used again for the June enrolment.

Since its launch, 35 employees have signed up for the scheme.

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