Employee Benefits/Aviva Group risk roundtable

Leading experts come together to discuss the latest trends in group risk benefits

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Employee Benefits Group Risk Roundtable panel members

Steve Bridger, Head of group risk, Aviva UK Health

Chris Ford, director of group risk, Jelf Employee Benefits

Linda Hilliard, UK reward manager, Informa UK

Sayeed Khan, chief medical adviser, EEF

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson, Group Risk Development (Grid)

Debi O’Donovan, editor, Employee Benefits

Sarah Page, research and specialist services officer, Prospect

Carolyn Wilkinson, senior benefits manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Editor’s comment

The most surprising aspect of bringing together leading experts and employers to discuss group risk and the issue of absence in the workplace was the lack of joined-up thinking between the different stakeholders.

All of our panellists (listed below) made valuable contributions, but it was clear that industry experts, employers, unions and medical experts need to meet up more often to engage in knowledge-sharing. In particular, the group risk industry and medical experts would benefit from the human resource knowledge and employee engagement expertise that employers can offer.

Our roundtable also highlighted the extent to which group risk insurance is changing, and how its ‘insurance’ label sells it short. Group risk insurance companies now offer far more of an employee service which, for health issues such as stress, can help prevent absence. For other health issues, it can reduce the time taken off by ensuring employees return to work in an appropriate role. Soon, the days when group risk insurances need to write an employee out of work forever will be rare, which is good news for employees (work is good for us, after all), employers (who don’t want to lose experienced staff) and insurers.

During the debate, our experts covered the business reasons for offering group risk benefits, how to help staff and line managers know when to use them, and whether group income protection and group life insurances are still relevant to today’s workforces.

Debi O’Donovan

Editor, Employee Benefits