Vielife launches lifestyle management programmes

Health provider Vielife has launched a series of interactive online lifestyle management programmes for employees to help employers reduce the cost of sickness absence.

The six-week programmes, which are designed to encourage behavioural change and improve wellbeing, cover four key lifestyle areas: stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

Employers can offer the complete series of programmes or offer them on an individual basis, depending on the needs of their workforce. 

Each programme starts with an assessment to measure current habits and attitudes, and is personalised with content unique for each user. The programme includes several bite-sized chapters containing tools, such as weekly challenges and goals, personal journals, health information and practical advice.

Data is treated confidentially and stored securely, and employers receive statistical reports on the levels of health and wellbeing among staff, which allows them to shape their wellbeing policy.

Mike Beason, managing director at Vielife, said: “As the UK slowly emerges from recession, employers are becoming increasingly concerned by the levels of sickness absence and presenteeism in the workplace, and rightly so. 

“Not only do these issues place a financial strain on business but they also have a negative impact on productivity and competitiveness.”

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