TomTom Business Solutions launches fleet product

TomTom Business Solutions has launched a fleet product for organisations to promote safer and more economical driving.

WebFleet OptiDrive provides fleet managers with performance information for speeding, fuel efficiency, idling and braking in one indicator bar.

The indicator allows managers to compare the driving style, efficiency and safety of drivers, monitor trends and developments, and set benchmarks for an entire fleet.

The product can help fleet managers meet their duty of care responsibilities, ensure their workforce drives more fuel efficiently, and also reduce vehicle maintenance costs. It can be tailored for businesses.

Giles Margerison, director, UK and Ireland at TomTom Business Solutions, said: “The difference that fleet tracking and navigation systems make in businesses is well documented but sometimes, fleet managers can feel overloaded by the sheer volume of information the technology can give them.

“OptiDrive cuts through the information clutter by giving employers an at-a-glance overview of each driver’s performance.”

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