Police chiefs help Swat-team officers find love

Finding love and juggling work is hard enough at the best of times, especially for Swat-team officers, who are more likely to come across dangerous criminals than potential love interests in the line of duty.

However, police bosses in China have come to the rescue by setting up a matchmaking service. Posters of 54 male and female special forces officers, along with lists of their likes and dislikes, have been put up outside a police station in Beijing.

Speaking to the Police Oracle, a police spokesman, said: “About 5,000 people visited the police station when we launched it so it has already been a big success.”

“Special officers train all the time and have very dangerous, tough duties which leave them no time to socialise.

“And unlike ordinary police they do not meet nice, regular people in the line of duty, just very dangerous criminals.”

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