Playboy bunnies get unusual perk

When Playboy’s new London club opens later this year, its bunnies will have access to an unusual perk: an employee whose sole job it is to help them adhere to its ‘strict’ dress code.

The club will be employing a bunny mother to fluff tails, make sure bunny costumes are pressed, and ensure that hair and make-up is flawless. It is also the job of the mother bunny to mentor and advise girls, and answer any questions they have about their job.

A spokesperson for the club said: “It is one of the most important roles in the club. [The mother bunny] is someone that all the other bunnies can look up to and she also makes sure that the club runs really smoothly.

“She will check that the girls have got their outfits on correctly. It is a very standard way of dressing.”

Perhaps this unique brand of human capital management is especially important for Playboy, where employees are its assets in more ways than one.

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