Medicare International extends global healthcare product

Medicare International has enhanced its top level international private health insurance policy aimed at expatriates.

Employers that use Executive Plus can now choose between four levels of cover. The policy offers extra benefits in areas such as maternity care, pregnancy cover and childhood vaccinations.

Other enhancements include a doubling of the cover for organ transplant surgery to reflect recent rises in the cost of complex medical operations and a new service covering outpatient psychiatric care costs.

For employers, MediCare International offers group discounts for schemes of three lives or more, and medical history is disregarded with groups of just 10 lives or more.

David Pryor, senior executive director, said: “With this range of benefits, we are offering one of the most comprehensive international health insurance policies in the market.†

“Our client feedback tells us that, working abroad, people actually want the best possible cover and are not prepared to cut corners. That said, our policies still offer some of the best value available and as standard, our policies are not limited to single country or regional areas, which many working expatriates find to be a great advantage.

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